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Dubai International Airport

May be the largest ozonated  HVAC  system in the world with air treatment in all buildings. There are over 300 ozone sensor/controllers and many VOC sensor/controllers as well. There are many small ozone generators spread along the HVAC ductwork along with the ozone and VOC sensors, since there are people being exposed at all times the amount of Ozone has to be regulated. Virtually all interior spaces are treated including the freight terminal.

After operation of the system for about one year, the preliminary findings were: ·         Passengers and employees note a pleasing air quality without the distinct smells that are often found in busy airports.

The savings of ozone replacing carbon filters are very large. Carbon filters have high replenishment costs and occupy a lot of valuable space.

The energy savings in reducing the makeup air requirement are significant.

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Our process is High Powered Ozone Shock Treatment, this process can be harmful if not properly preformed. Be sure to hire a Certified Professional.

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